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CNC Machinist/Machine operator

Full-Time - Winston Salem

$12.00 x hr.

Job Description

Carolina Placement Inc is looking for a CNC Machine Operator with the following requirements.

CNC Operators typically work for factories and manufacturing plants to ensure product quality by overseeing factory machinery. They control the safe and efficient management of machinery and assembly equipment to create various products. Their job is to review machine manuals to determine the correct method for operations and they pre-programmed machines to perform tasks at specific intervals. They may also be responsible for requesting new machine parts and conducting standard repairs on machines.

CNC Operator skills and qualifications

CNC Operators will have skills and qualifications related to the field of computers, machinery and product creation. The ideal CNC Operator candidate will demonstrate the following:

  • Strong math skills for inputting specific dimensions and figures into the CNC machinery
  • Ability to analyze the information provided on blueprints or other explanatory documents to make sure the final product matches the draft
  • Strong computer skills as CNC Operators use computer software to control machinery
  • Understanding of how the machine works to maintain the machinery for which they are responsible and ensure it functions properly.
  • Problem-solving skills in order to detect issues in the creation process and find solutions to ensure the machinery creates the product provided in the draft

CNC Operator education and training requirements

CNC Operators must have a high school diploma at a minimum. Many go on to earn certificates specific to the field in which they hope to work, such as through the National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc. (NIMS) or the Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International (FMA).

CNC Operator experience requirements

CNC Operators must have experience before gaining full-time employment in their field. Most companies hiring CNC Operators want applicants to have 3 or more years of experience. This experience can be gained through professional coursework, apprenticeships or internships.

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336 794 2401

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Winston Salem NC 27103

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $12.00 per hour


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